President’s address

To all ITF Taekwon-doist in the world.

It is my great pleasure to announce to you all the recognition and acceptance of our ITF by the CISM (International Council of Military Sport).
After father of Taekwon-Do passed away ITF brothers were confused and divided into a few groups. We have been fighting for legality rights in courts which gives us nothing but great legal fees and wasted our time and energy. That bring to ITF is disrespect international Sports community (IOC, GAISF, CISM) as well most of ITF groups NGBs misrecognised their country’s Sport Ministry and NOC (National Olympic Committee).
I like to announce a good news for ITF brothers, I have a letter of agreement with CISM Taekwon-Do Federation Committee.
ITF is recognised as same level as the WTF in CISM Taekwon-Do Tournament (CISM Military Olympic, CISM World Taekwon-Do Championships)

  1. Free Sparring (Kyorugy Kyongee) WTF Rules and WTF practitioners
  2. Pattern (Tul) ITF Patterns, ITF Rules and ITF practitioners
  3. Self Defence routine (Hoshin Kyongee) mix with ITF and WTF practitioners

For the ITF practitioner that like to compete free sparring they can just follow the WTF tournament rules. Vice versa, WTF practitioner can participate Tul (Poomse) and they can just follow ITF rules and ITF patterns (Tuls).
We ITF AC (Allied ITF Council) will serve all ITF brothers equal right of participation without any interference in their internal affairs. We just get together and honour General Choi’s Legacy and to build strong unity.